Tuljapur-Tulja Bhavani Temple

In Maharashtra, there are three and a half Shaktipiths. Tuljapur is one of the total shaktipiths. This Devi is popular as Devi Bhagwati (Bhavani). The Tuljapur Bhavani Devi is the Kulswamini (family god) of Maharashtra. Shivaji Maharaj revered Tulja Bhavani, who gave the vitality to build up the Hindavi Swarajya. She was the motivation for the warrior soul predominant in Maharashtra.   

Accepted to be constructed some place in the twelfth century, Tulja Bhavani Temple is a significant Hindu journey focus in Maharashtra. It is said that any notice of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is deficient without the notice of his colossal confidence in the goddess Tulja Bhavani. Not on Shivaji Maharaj, numerous regal families were the firm devotees of Tulja Bhavani. Plus, Tulja Bhavani is accepted to be one of the ‘Shaktipeethas’ of Goddess Durga. In addition, numerous regal groups of Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka are firm adherents of Tulja Bhavani.



Inside the temple sanctum, a three feet tall stone symbol of goddess Bhavani is effortlessly decorated. The goddess has eight hands holding various characteristics in each. The goddess is otherwise called Amba. To arrive at the primary sanctum there are two doors, Raja Shahaji Mahadwar and Rajmata Jijau. While entering the sanctuary, vacationers would go over Markandeya Rishi Temple and Yajna Kund. Sanctum of the sanctuary is encompassed by numerous different holy places like Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Aadishakti Matangadevi Temple, and Annapoorna Temple.


The history behind the sanctuary goes this way: to aggravate the sentiments of Hindus and incite a fight, Afzal Khan pulverized the picture of Tulja Bhavani. Along these lines because of a demonstration of retaliation, Afzal Khan was slaughtered at Pratapgad. History of the sanctuary is quickly referenced in ‘Skanda Purana.


Gudi Padva, Rathasaptami, and Navaratri is the best time to visit the Tulja Bhavani Temple. A Huge parade went with drummers, performers, and artists occur during the Tulja Bhavani Temple.


Morning Abhishek Puja : Starts at 7:00 AM

Night Abhishek Puja : Starts at 7:00 PM

All other Puja’s can be played out whenever in the middle of 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Tulja Bhavani Temple of Maharashtra

The most effective method to REACH

To arrive at the temple in Tuljapur, voyagers can get transports from Osmanabad, Solapur, Barshi, and Latur. Further, take another transport or a taxi to approach the temple.


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