Paranda Fort

History of the Paranda Fort:

Paranda Fort is organized in Paranda, a community in osmanabad region within the province of Maharashtra, India. Paranda, a community 96 km northwest of Solapur by means of Barshi, is arranged in Osmanabad area in the territory of Maharashtra.

The town is well known for its old and enormous Paranda Fort. One of the absolute best examples of military design and building in Maharashtra, it was raised by Bahamani rulers, who had contributed numerous posts in India. It is secured landmark by Archeological Survey Of India. It is an example of military design and building in Maharashtra.

It was raised by Mahmud Gawan Vazir of Bahamani Sultanate. In 1599, Mughals crushed Nizam Shahi of Ahmednagar. Despite the fact that Emperor Akbar selected his officials to take care of the kingdom of the Deccan, the Nizam Shah’s officials would not get orders from them. They had lost their freedom. They pronounced Murtaza, the child of Shah Ali ruler and made Paranda Fort, around 75 miles southeast of Ahmednagar capital. The site spent a few times among them and the Adil Shahis and stayed with him for a few years and was caught by the Adil Shah in 1630. In 1657 it was again caught by the Moghuls and in the end, came under the control of the Nizams of Hyderabad.


The fort is little yet solid and well-structured. It is encompassed by a channel from every one of the sides and has a mosque inside. Paranda’s Fort involves a rectangular arrangement with solid safeguards given by a twofold drape divider and a profound dump encompassing the external divider.

The dividers are topped with battlemented parapets with routinely separated box molded guardrooms. The inward divider with its bastions transcends the external divider where a polygonal bastion accommodates a little mosque. Numerous bastions are as yet mounted by gun.


The passageway entryways are still in great condition which has delightful carvings. The fundamental door, arranged at the upper east corner of the Fort, comprises of a grouping of three curved openings. The gun set on the corner bastion ascending over the Gate has Persian calligraphy and relief of lions.


The ordnance is arranged promptly to one side on entering the stronghold. Somewhere in the range of 300 stone cannonballs are put away in one of its vaulted chambers.

How to reach the fort:

The distance between the Barshi and Paranda is 27KM. If you are travelling by train from Mumbai or Pune, one has to alight at Kurduwadi station on Pune – Solapur line. There are many maharashtra  state transport buses from here to Paranda every half an hour. The Pune-Bhoom bus also goes to Paranda village.




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