Naldurg Fort

History of Naldurg Fort:

Naldurg Fort is a historic fort in Osmanabad district in the Maharashtra state of India. This is immense fort on Pune Hyderabad interstate close Solapur. The Fort has overseen by a privately owned business which has done some beautification. You have to walk a ton to cover the whole fort. Inside there is a little lake and a cascade. Section charge is 20 Indian rupees. Stopping is accessible on chargeable premise.

A decent spot to go through the day in the storm when the atmosphere is relieving. Open by means of street, and a great deal of parking spot accessible.

The passageway is immense, appealing and all around kept up. When you enter you are invited with tremendous space, the post is huge. recently, it is intensely popularized, you can see toy, nourishment thing venders.


The fundamental passageway door of this Fort is known by the name of Hulmukh Darwaza, The mass of this fortification has 115 bastions, the name of the central bastions are Paranda, Upli, Sangram and Nav Buruj. Guns are put on these bastions till date. The guns are made in figures of elephants and crocodiles, in this manner they are called Hathi Thop and Magar Thop.

The most elevated spot in the Fort is Upli Burug. A portion of the old structures of this Fort areas yet remaining in great condition.

A few games are additionally presented now, for amusement purposes. Continue strolling till you see the pinnacle in the middle, that is fundamental fascination. Extraordinary for photography.

Two or three guns set at the highest point of pinnacle, an incredible perspective on the scene can be experienced. Close by is a lake, sailing should be possible there. The principle fascination is the cascades produced because of water store the board made back ever. 


A ground floor section is accessible to watch these cascades intently. Aside from that it’s a colossal post to around and appreciate grand perspectives and photography.

Best spot to visit in the stormy season when the Bori waterway is overwhelmed. On which this Panimahal is worked in Fifteenth century.

You could see a drape of water through the window of mahal while Sun beams sparkle on the water.

How to Reach the Naldurg fort?

Taxi:- Taxi and auto rickshaw are easily available in the Village.

Bus:- Buses are available to major cities like Solapur, osmanabad, Latur. It is 45 km from Solapur. It is on the Solapur – Hyderabad road NH -65. It is easily visible from National Highway.

Train:- Osmanabad has its own railway station known as Osmanabad railway station which is connected to the major cities of Maharashtra.



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