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Bhuikot Fort

About The Fort: One of the principal attractions around the celebrated city of Solapur is the Bhuikot Fort, which was worked by the Bahamani administration in the fourteenth century.It is said the incomparable Aurangzeb went through quite a while here. Worked during the Bahamani rule the stronghold is as old as the fourteenth century. The …

paranda fort

Paranda Fort

History of the Paranda Fort: Paranda Fort is organized in Paranda, a community in osmanabad region within the province of Maharashtra, India. Paranda, a community 96 km northwest of Solapur by means of Barshi, is arranged in Osmanabad area in the territory of Maharashtra. The town is well known for its old and enormous Paranda …

naldurg fort

Naldurg Fort

History of Naldurg Fort: Naldurg Fort is a historic fort in Osmanabad district in the Maharashtra state of India. This is immense fort on Pune Hyderabad interstate close Solapur. The Fort has overseen by a privately owned business which has done some beautification. You have to walk a ton to cover the whole fort. Inside …